Sunday, 12 June 2011

lost mind

today i would like to story a little about my self and my dreams.i had one girl in my life and i love her so much , she very means in my life , for me i can't live without her . but without you i'd be miserable at best. one day she ask me " why you love me ? " actly i can't answer it with my words , it's very hard for me . susah sgt klu dgn kata kata . yg penting i syg sgt kt u . u ni da ibarat mcm nyawa i da . then she said again " if u want to know it's hard for me to fall in love with someone , sbb bila i syg kn seseorng tu susah utk i lupakan dia sampai bila bila pun " after tht i stayed for a second . i hope tht guys its me . hmm then i forget my story , i always lost my mind when think about her !

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